Welcome to our sanctuary at 1Rider, where it's all about you and your wellness journey. Here, there are no distractions, no competition, and no pressure. With three diverse class types, you can fully immerse yourself, connect with your physical body, and discover your inner drive. Join us, and let's rise towards your best self!

ride 45

Experience RIDE45, our flagship 45-minute beat-based cycling format at 1Rider. Our motivating instructors will lead you through a dynamic mix of speed intervals, climbs, upper-body engagement, and thoughtfully designed routines to elevate your heart rate. Expect high-energy dance-inspired movements and a pulsating soundtrack!

cycle + Strength

Prepare to push your boundaries with our unique blend of cycling and strength training. Anticipate a high-octane session that seamlessly integrates the intensity of HIIT with the exhilaration of cycling. Each class offers a spirited, dynamic ride followed by empowering strength-focused exercises, ensuring you depart feeling empowered and invigorated!


Our exclusive strength specific class format where we fuse the dynamic power of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with expert guidance to sculpt your body and supercharge your fitness journey. Led by our certified coaches, this heart-pounding session will leave you energized and motivated, while also equipping you with valuable insights to ignite your mind-body connection.


are you ready?

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