Our studio is a sanctuary for you to mentally and physically focus your experience on the bike. No outside distractions, no competition, and no pressure.

We offer three different class types where you can shut out the world, feel the beat, and find your fuel.

Cycle + Strength

Get ready to test your limits with our combination cycling and strength workout. You can expect a fast-paced workout that combines the bike and the mat. You'll get an energetic, fun ride followed by strength-based training in each class. You'll leave class feeling strong and sweaty.

Ride 45

Ride 45 is our signature 45-minute ride. Instructors will challenge you through a series of speed intervals, climbs, upper-body movements, and carefully crafted choreography to get your heart rate moving. Expect high energy, beat driven dance moves, and energetic music!

performance 60

Rhythm riders, listen up! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to train with a professional cyclist? Have you ever wondered what a performance based class would feel like? Are you ready to challenge yourself in a new way? 

This class is tailored to bring the avid outdoor cyclist, indoors! This 60-minute class is open to all riders is exclusveily based on increasing ride performance. Same great space, different approach to utilizing our fantastic equipment! 


are you ready to ride?

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